Dad’s In The

Dad’s In The Kitchen! , my companion website to this blog, is a source for useful, simple cooking tips and tricks for men and dads – how to cook without having to turn in your Y chromosome.  We may not win Foodie Awards like some.  But then, they don’t tell you how face cream and cow faces can save your bacon at the dinner table.

Stop by for information you won’t find anywhere else.  Funny, fast facts and tips.  Saves time, money, effort and marriage counseling. You’ll find:

  • the 5 REAL food groups kids love and hate, and how to use them
  • how understanding your wife’s face cream can save a meal
  • the single most common way to ruin any food, and how to keep it happening to you
  • how to keep your meals from killing anyone
  • the secret tastes no one can resist and how to get them into your food
  • why things you cook taste good, and bad, and how to end up with one and not the other
  • why cow’s faces aren’t put on menus
  • the 5 failsafe ways to tell when food’s done
  • 4 secret ingredients that improve any dish
  • easy tools, the only ones you really need to cook
  • why you’ll fail by cooking for their mouth
  • the huge secret that snack food makers know that you can use too

Whether you’re looking for easier ways to do meals, are still working up to boiling eggs, or you want your kids to remember something you cooked (in a good way), Dad’s In The Kitchen! is a place for some straight talk, basic info, tricks and answers.

Let’s go cook something.


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