I’m Tye Winston, father, dad, husband, fix this, do that, yes I’d love a hug, now go to sleep, when will I get some damn sleep, here’s another airport, no I don’t peek in your diary, is everybody in the car, did your closet throw up, that costs HOW much?, didn’t you just eat, chugging my way through trying to make a living the hard way, family time, and the wilderness of kitchen duty.  Proof that school, job, friends and manhood do not prepare a guy for fixing dinners that kids will eat.

With all the fun of adding one, two, three, four kids, one part I had not expected was how much time I’d be spending in the kitchen, helping get kids fed. And as they grow, and grow hungrier, how challenging to keep fixing things they’d actually eat. I’m not interested in being “mom”.  I just want to get the job done, with my pride intact, if possible. It turns out, I’m not alone.  So, I’m on a mission, to share what I come up with or discover, survival tips, shortcuts, advice and occasional humor with dads in the kitchen, and the people who love them.

Most females don’t understand our problem.  You ladies have been hanging round the fire, sharing food magic down generations, while we men were coming up with clever things to do with rawhide, sticks and pigskin.  The end result is we’ve got fantasy football, and women feed the world.

Our first thought at dinner time is  ‘when do we eat’, not ‘what do I fix.

I started this  blog to go along with a website, Dad’s In The Kitchen!, at www.dadsinthekitchen.com, where I started putting a guys toolbox and advice center.  Plenty of tricks, tips, and how-to’s, not just recycled recipes and cuisine.

Drop me a line or comment with suggestions and tips that you’ve picked up yourself along the way, or just give a wave from in front of the stove.

Thanks for stopping by. Now, excuse me, I’ve got to go cook something.


4 responses to “About

  1. Dad’s in the Kitchen Rocks!

    We love the design and content of your site – especially your unique spin on the traditional food blog! We think more people should be exposed to its awesomeness.

  2. lol…. that is a great idea! 😉

  3. Hey there!

    Really like this blog. Definitely referring it to close friends and my dad haha! He could use some tips.

  4. Just goes to show, which ever side of the Atlantic you are, the plight of the dad/husband/partner in the kitchen remains the same. More often than not these days the kitchen is the chaps domain. Which is why I must leave now to cook my wife a meal…erm….yeah. Damn! If only I didn’t enjoy it!

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