10 Worst Gifts for Men Who Cook

Here’s what Dad hopes he won’t be finding under the Christmas tree.

This time of year there’s plenty of bustling and whispering behind closed doors about what to give Dad for Christmas.

If the man’s been spending time in the kitchen – or you wish he would – food and cooking gifts may come to mind.  What could be better?  It’s either that or the matching tie / socks set.

As a helpful shopping guide, I’m leaving this post lying around the kitchen table as a subtle reminder.  When it comes to presents, it’s really the thought that counts, and we’ll be happy with anything our loving family gives us, but here’s a list of goodies that are guaranteed to gather dust and / or make present opening a huge disappointment.

1. The Encyclopedia of Cooking A two-volume set.  Dad seems stressed in the kitchen, and this looks like it would be a big help, right?  Wrong.  As a Christmas present this intimidating opus just lets Dad know he’s now under big pressure and high expectations.  And, it has way too many words.

2.  Colorful Apron I’m sure there are men who wear bright, cheery, colorful aprons in the kitchen at home. I don’t know any.  I wouldn’t.  Instead, if you’re looking for some truly unique, funny, manly gift aprons for cooking, as an alternative to him just wiping his hands on his tshirt, then be sure and check mine here at Dad’s in the Kitchen! Shop and overlook this shameless plug.

3. Food of the Month Club At first this seems really fun and interesting.  Then you figure out that for half the price you can go to the store once a month, pick up much the same items and mail them to the house, and have them go bad while he tries to find something to do with them.

4.  Food Storage Containers The  ‘cook once, eat twice’  approach can really save kitchen time and trouble when it comes to family meals.  And a good set of containers for leftovers makes it even easier.  And this gift is right up there with drain snakes, home insulation, and hedge shears.

5. Personal Deep Fryer This handy appliance can turn out french fries, donuts, country fried steaks, deep-fried cheese and veggies….  Do we really want to go there?

6.  Kevlar Cut Resistant Gloves Nothing shows how a family really feels when they see dad sharpening the chef knife than a pair of these.

7. Electric Carving Knife See above.

8. Pasta Maker There’s probably nothing dad looks forward to more than dashing home from work to whip up dinner for the kids and pulling out the pasta maker to produce spaghetti from scratch, rather than grabbing a packet at the market for a buck.  And that’s why this wonderful device will live at the back of the cupboard.

9.  Cooking Torch w/Fuel Gauge When it comes to really tech and manly cooking tools, this one’s very hard to beat.  His second reaction will be, what the heck do you use it for?  The answer is, nothing at all comes to mind.  So, do you really want him experimenting to find out?

10.  Smoking Gun According to its manufacturer, this handy device ‘adds a smoky flavor to foods before or after cooking. Gentle enough for use on delicate fruits and vegetables without changing texture or temperature’.  What could possibly go wrong?

Now, feel free to make up your own mind about what he’ll get.  But if you’re looking for some ideas of what food and cooking presents he might like and appreciate, you may want to check the Last Minute Gift List For Men Who Cook over at http://www.dadsinthekitchen.com.  Things the kids can make, you can find, and he’ll actually use. They’d make me smile.


10 responses to “10 Worst Gifts for Men Who Cook

  1. LMAO. this is so true. I can think of another 100 items of ridiculousness to add to your list. A banana peeler? really? someone not only invented this thing but someone else thought it was a good idea and marketed it.
    Nice blog, let us know what you do get for the holidays 😉

    • Thanks Marc, I’ve had to refresh the list a bit myself, but there’s still a few hours left, let me have some of your ideas. And, Happy Christmas!

      • LOL. Let’s take a stroll through my mother’s kitchen. Hmmm, Let’s see what’s in this drawer here… A tool that scoops and slices avocado out of its shell. And another plastic tool that actually cuts a banana into pieces. We might as well get rid of our knives… who needs them with all these amazing new gadgets.
        An electric pepper grinder? It can be difficult on those arthritic hands to grind pepper manually.
        Awwww, looky.. corn on the cob holders that look like corn. How clever.
        A butter crock that you have to fill manually with soft butter and then fill the receptacle that holds it with water so the butter stays fresh. Hmmm, And I’ve been keeping my butter in the fridge all these years.
        OK last one… for now. Placemats. They serve no purpose. Not only do you have to clean the placemat but you still have to clean the area around the placemat because the kid that needs a placemat cannot contain the mess solely on the placemat. This is why I feed my kids outside with the dogs. They eat, make a mess, the dogs clean up 🙂

      • Brilliant! I’ll work these in. Thanks, and hope your gift list works out the way you’d like.

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  3. Yikes! I did the Bacon of the Month Club for my husband a few years ago. Where were you when I needed testoserone culinary insights? The bacon WAS good but the price exorbidant. Paying for the experience (and the tshirt and small plastic pig pen that come with it….things I’m sure you’d equally warn against in male gift giving).

    Great blog. Love the perspective. I’m wondering about your second ‘oh I forgot more bad gifts for guys’ list. Any chance this was born out of what Santa brought YOU for Christmas?!

    • Well, we managed to dodge the awkward gift surprise at dad’s house! Must have had something to do with, oh I don’t know… actually speaking up when the family asked this year? I appreciate your stopping by, and encouragement.

  4. Haha, I ended up with an apron, oven mittens, a full chefs uniform (!), and two sets of cookie cutters…

    I’ll happily trade one of those for the pasta maker…

  5. ha ha! These are great! Yeah, I can’t particularly imagine any of the guys I know being interested in any of these… Hope this coming Christmas will have people looking for more unique gifts as a result of your list!

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